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 Ramadan is the holy month of Muslim’s. They undertake fasting in Ramadan. This is the 9th month of Islamic calendar (lunar calendar). In lunar calendar each month starts with sighting of a new moon and because of this Islamic holidays move each year .The Ramadan, in each year start from different dates. Ramadan includes praying, fasting and charity. It focuses on self-sacrifice and devotion to all- mighty, Allah (Swt).It is called the  “month of blessing”.

Different dates in different years

*    July    9  (2013)
*    June 28 (2014)
*    June 18 (2015)

Why This Month?

In the month of Ramadan Allah (SWT) revealed his first verses. Angel Jibreel (AS) revealed the verses to the last messenger, Muhammad (SA).

In mosques about one thirtieth of Qur’an is recited every night in a prayer called Taraweeh. Reciting Quran is a very good deed done in Ramadan.

 FASTING- in Ramadan

Fasting or sawm is done by all Muslims around the world in the holy month of Ramadan. During fasting, Muslims do not eat or drink anything including water from subah prayer (almost sunrise) to Maghreb (almost sunset). For fasting Muslims wake up before sun rise and eat suhoor, a meal eaten before fasting. Then they make niyyah to fast. The fasting is cut by another meal known as iftar. It usually starts with dates and sweet drinks which gives energy fast.

and cleanses the heart, body and soul. Fasting is also one of the pillars of Islam.


Zakat means spiritual purification. It purifies our wealth and keeps us closer to Allah. It is one of five pillars of Islam. Ramadan is a very good time to give zakat. There is a fard (wajib) zakat in Ramadan which can be given from the moon’s sight to the Eid-Ul-Fitr prayer. This zakat can be given to anyone.


There are many scientific facts about Ramadan and fasting. Fasting helps to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and systolic blood pressure. Allah mentioned in Quran that the fasting in Ramadan will not exceed for more than 14 hour , son there is no negative result in a person who fast.

The long Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan have a great benefit. It utilizes the extra calorie which could be taken in during Iftar. It reduces stress and relieves depression and anxiety.  


Ramadan ends with a festival called Eid-Ul-Fitr. It is one of the two important festivals of Islam. People wear their finest clothes, give treats to children and visits their friends and relatives. They also give their charity this day and they pray a special prayer on Eid-Ul-Fitr.


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