Wednesday, July 15, 2015


After the 30 wonderful days of fasting and sacrificial worship towards Allah, the day of enjoyment comes and the day  is ‘Eid. The word ‘Eid gives a happy feeling to all the Muslims across the world. Whether rich or poor, ‘Eid is always ‘Eid. We also buy new dress to wear on the day of ‘Eid. Prophet Muhammad [S.A] said'' It is Sunnah to buy at least a new dress to wear on ‘Eid. Most of us celebrate ‘Eid in our home-countries, aren’t we? We enjoy ‘Eid with our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbor’s etc. so do you remember the last time you celebrate ‘Eid in your home country? 

      We have seen our parents giving ZAKAT UL FITR, on the night when the ‘Eid is announced. We should give ZAKAT UL FITR according to the members in a family. Prophet Muhammad [S.A] said ''In my time , I used to give for ZAKAT UL FITR as  food like that of dried dates , barley , raisins or dried cheese . Also furniture, clothes and money too. It is good enough to give zakat as rice. 

     In the day of ‘Eid we all woke up early in the morning take a refreshing bathe in the morning then pray fajr as well as the special prayer i.e. SALAT UL EID . Where boys along with the fathers pray in Mosque and girls in their homes with their mothers. Then after the prayers we put on our beautiful dress and wishes EID MUBARAK one another. And the girls also starts Mehndi on their hands. Our mom also cooks delicious and mouthwatering food Children runs to their father and uncles to get on their ‘Eid [gift in form of money and flowers]. Just can't imagine the day.......  Allah [S.W] said '' There should be no one who doesn't enjoy the ‘Eid''. 


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